I never thought about the importance a towel had in my life until I bought a bamboo towel from Tröken. Since the first time I used it, It felt very different, it´s super soft and absorbent.

Cecilia Enrich

I had never had a towel that´s so soft and so absorbent, after one year of use it still keeps all the properties.

Margarita Arias

My experience with Tröken is amazing. I love the size and the colors, I don´t have to wash them so often because they are antibacterial. My kids love them.

Karla González

We fell in love with the texture and with the bamboo benefits. After trying Tröken Towels you will never go back to cotton towels.

Mariana Denegre y Alejandro Vargas

It´s a great product, it is lightweight and super absorbent. Bamboo is the product of the future.

Verónica Baz

Amazing, comfortable and resistant! They dry since the first time you use them. They don´t leave lint. Once you try them you re not going back to cotton towels ever again.

Carlos Ramírez

Super soft towels with amazing colors, they are perfect for my sensitive skin. They never lose softness, it´s like having a SPA at home.

Fernanda Alcalá